We are a digital content creation production company.
We are committed to meeting your needs.

Welcome to Radiant film co.

We are available for a wide range of video and photographic needs ranging from business advertisements and infomercials, Product and service announcements, Social media clips, Music video clips, documentary filmmaking, fashion lookbook/catalogue stills and video, model portfolios, daily weekly or monthly Church devotionals, Aerial drone footage, and Real Estate photography and videos.

We offer video production services Gold Coast and Brisbane wide, our selected custom made products are designed to communicate your message quickly and effectively creating higher viewer engagement and conversion.


We endeavour to capture the essence of your brand and aim to communicate clearly what is on offer whilst creating a necessity of need for your product or services leading to a call to action for the viewer. We use numerous elements within the video production and edit to create content that is memorable to your target audience.

With over 20 years of high quality imagery creation experience

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your  needs. 

Video Production

In the competitive world of online content creation, video stands at the forefront in capturing your audiences attention. With many options to fit most needs and budgets, now is the time to start your next social media and or online campaign with a big bang that will be engaging as well as effective. 


We Have been doing photography for a long time and over a broad range of genre's, we specialise in eye catching imagery that will get your business noticed with clicks.

Our Drone pilot is CASA certified and licensed and our drones are CASA registered.
This amazing technology is a magnificent addition to showcasing your local business or product.
​Lets get together to discuss what is possible in regards to your advertising and imagery creation needs.

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Drone Photography

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The Process

In order to keep our prices down for you, we have streamlined the process in order to be more time efficient and effective, we find the old ways of doing things a bit redundant, especially when have all this wonderful new technology to help us produce high quality content.


Step #1 - Consultation

This will be the first initial in person contact where we find out exactly what you would like to communicate, its also a chance for us to learn about you and your business, this is the time to exchange ideas for your video content as well as locking in suitable times for shooting and production.

This usually takes an hour.

Step #2 - Pay your deposit

We require 50% up front prior to shooting your project, this will secure the day and the time needed for your shoot, this is non refundable if there is less than 48hrs notice of cancelation, this does not include postponing the shoot due to sickness or bad weather etc..

Step #3 - The Shoot

We usually allow for up to 2 hrs of shooting once we have set up and are ready to roll, this is what we offer in our basic packages and find this amount of time more than enough to capture what we need, with that said, if we need to go overtime, we will.

The shoot can take place at numerous locations if needed, if that is desired, more time will be needed.

Step #4 - Editing

This is where most of the time is spent in producing videos, this is where all the information gathered, and all the footage obtained from the shoot is merged together, we put together a presentation with your existing branding (logo/colours/fonts/ect) licenced music, and

commercial voiceover (if needed).

We doe this in a way to clearly and effectively communicate

your message and objective.

Step #5 - Corrections

We will make a private edit available for viewing so we can get feedback on changes that may need to be made, we allow up to 3 limited changes at this point such as transitions, wording, branding and colours, other changes such as changing of script for voiceover, music change are available but may incur extra costs

Step #6 - The Delivery

After all the necessary changes are complete we output a final render that can be used on any format that you desire such as the many social media platforms as well as your website, we will deliver on the expectations discussed in the original consultation, at this point we could also discuss any additional upgrades you may need.

Step #7 - Final payment

Upon delivery of the project, final payment will need to be made to enable ownership of the material produced, at this point you have freedom to use the project as you see fit in your marketing campaign.

Cheap Gold Coast video production

Some might call us cheap, we like to call ourselves affordable and realistic to the current climate.

Our aim is to get working at getting you working, we most certainly do not want to be breaking your bank balance, we would like to try and build it, our aim is to be affordable, to fit your budget, whilst delivering a useful desired outcome.

Perhaps this may translate into working with you and your business more often.


At Radiant film co., we love to over deliver, we are not just producing professional, eye catching content, we are delivering a valuable resource for your Gold Coast business that is designed to entice and grow your customer base.

Professional video marketing is something that should be at the top of your list for consideration when planning your business marketing strategy.

The right professionally produced video advertisement across a range of social media and other media platforms can and will set you apart from your competition, giving you increased traffic to your website and through your front door.

Video vs Print media


These days people are far too busy to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of print media. We have designed video products specifically to fit within the many social media formats. Our Gold Coast video production services are ready to make it easy for you to be set for your next social media campaign or website content upgrade.

Social Authority 


We have all the right equipment and talent to set you apart from your competition. We an abundance and overflow of online content fighting for the attention of the millions of potential customers on the many social media platforms, its very easy to fade away into the crowd of many advertisers in the many industries that are now embracing this form of advertising as part of their full time advertising budget.

The right ingredients


We have the latest cameras, lighting, microphones and professional editing software plus a sprinkle of talent that has accumulated over the many years of digital content creation, with all this combined, we most certainly can produce something that is on the next level that will shine a light on your business.